National recognition - GG-Cert

National recognition

GG-CERT is an inspection body approved by the building authorities (registration no. ÜG 040) for the inspection and certification of building products in accordance with the Building Rules List A, Part 1. The areas of approval include amongst others:

  • aggregates in accordance with EN 12620 (durability against alkali-silica reactivity)
  • external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)
  • approval for masonry mortars
  • • fillers for self-compacting concrete
  • dry-mix concrete
  • shotcrete
  • liquid concrete, grout mortar


In accordance with state building regulations, approved inspection bodies are assigned to inspect products regulated by the Building Rules List A, Part 1 (register of testing, inspection and certification bodies in accordance with state building regulations). The client is informed about the awards of subcontracts.