Voluntary quality monitoring - GG-Cert

Voluntary quality monitoring through quality marks

With the provision of worldwide recognised RAL quality marks, an important step has been taken to provide consumers with quality controlled products and consistent standards. As well as ensuring maximum transparency, this guarantees that products, particularly those from the building products industry, comply with stringent requirements.

GG-CERT is the only RAL Quality Assurance Association for pre-mixed dry mortar, building lime and interior insulation systems. It is approved to issue the right to use the quality mark to relevant companies who meet the required quality assurance and test specifications.

Suppliers can use the RAL quality to distinguish their products. The high standards are maintained through regular traceable self-monitoring, as well as through monitoring by external auditors at least once a year. This is because only an RAL certification guarantees independent and objective regulations. After all, the award of an RAL quality mark is subject to a strictly neutral, company-independent and official approval procedure. As a result, products and services labelled with an RAL quality mark fulfil requirements which go above and beyond the requirements set by existing standards. This is one of the advantages of a quality mark.

Another important aspect is the openness of the RAL quality mark system: The quality mark is available to any supplier irrespective of association memberships or other restricting criteria. This means these certificates are widely recognised, which in turn creates a compelling argument for consumers to use products and services provided by quality mark users. The formal inspection of the quality assurance and test specifications carried out by RAL bodies, ensures that all elements are in place to successfully establish the RAL quality mark on the market. Because what matters most to critical fabricators and consumers is certified quality.

That's what the RAL quality mark system stands for!

For more information about the RAL quality mark system, please visit the RAL institute website: www.ral-guetezeichen.de