KS thin-bed mortar - GG-Cert

KS thin-bed mortar

The quality assurance system "KS-thin-bed mortar" was developed in cooperation with the BVKSI (Bundesverband Kalksandsteinindustrie e. V - Federal German Association for the Sand-Lime Brick Industry) in Hannover, Germany. This quality assurance system is based on the requirements of the "pre-mixed dry mortar" RAL quality mark. Additional requirements primarily relate to the adhesive shear strength test. Companies that manufacture thin-bed mortar and meet the requirements of the pre-mixed dry mortar RAL quality mark, as well as being identified accordingly, will obtain the right to label their products with the BVKSI (KS-Logo) or the KS-KL symbol in addition to the pre-mixed dry mortar RAL quality mark. Companies will qualify for this when the requirements for the "KS thin-bed mortar" quality assurance system have been fulfilled.

The BVKSI recommends that sand-lime brick works ensure that thin-bed mortars purchased for precision blocks or for precision/grid elements are labelled with the pre-mixed dry mortar quality mark and additionally, the KS or KS-XL symbol. BVKSI also publishes the recommendation in its processing instructions, leaflets and brochures.

If possible, the requirements are integrated into the regular external monitoring carried out by GG-CERT.