GG-CERT was founded in 1978 as the Gütegemeinschaft Kalkstein, Kalk und Mörtel e.V with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Today, it has around 130 members and many other customers from the natural stone, lime and mortar industry, leading to an appropriate change of name in 2003. GG-Zert was established within the quality assurance association in 1996 for the certification and inspection of quality management systems. It was accredited by the German Association for Accreditation (Trägergemeinschaft für Akkreditierung GmbH - TGA). Monitoring of the conformity requirements of European product standards and the monitoring of products as required by the building authorities takes place at the test and certification centre (Überwachungs- und Zertifizierungsstelle - ÜZ-Stelle) established in 1997. It is approved as an external auditor by the building inspection body. As the quality assurance association was able to extend its activities to Europe, its name was expanded to include GG-CERT.

Specifically, their work includes:

  • the monitoring and certification of building materials in accordance with building inspection requirements and standards,
  • the certification of management systems,
  • the voluntary certification of products and
  • general issues regarding quality assurance


Aims of GG-CERT

GG-CERT Gütegemeinschaft Naturstein, Kalk und Mörtel e.V is a service provider for companies. It is financed entirely by fees. The quality assurance association is committed to working in a customer-orientated and cost-effective manner. By combining different inspection and certification systems, the quality assurance association is able to achieve synergy effects for the benefit of its members and customers. A critical factor for the quality assurance association's performance is its expertise and that of all its employees. This is ensured through ongoing staff training and the constructive participation in various organisations and bodies.


Building products

GG-CERT is an inspection body approved by the building authorities (registration no. ÜG 040) for the external monitoring and certification of building products in accordance with the Building Rules List (Landesbauordung - LBO).

GG-CERT is recognised by the European Commission as a notified body (registration no. 0785) for theinspection and certification in accordance with European standards.


Management systems

Globally, QM systems are the core element of a future-orientated corporate management.

So that the certification and inspection of the QM systems are carried out in line with recognised criteria, GG-CERT is recognised by Germany's National Accreditation Body (Deutschen Akkreditierungsstelle - DAkkS) as a QM certification body.




Detlev Wegner
+49 (0)5483-7392-14

Deputy Chairman

Kay Beyen
+49 (0)8324-921-354

Your contacts

Managing Director and auditor
Dr. Werner Fuchs
+49 (0)221-934674-20

Deputy M D and
Head of product
certification body
Dr. Hans-Michael Schiffner
+49 (0)221-934674-44

Head of management
certification body
Auditor and inspector
Dipl.-Min. Holger Jensen
+49 (0)221-934674-50

Liesel Kulle
+49 (0)221-934674-21

Deputy head of management certification body
Dr. Rita Kläsener
+49 (0)221-934674-24

Auditor and inspector
Dr. Sonja Haas

Deputy head of product certification body
Dipl.-Geol. Jens Birkhahn
+49 (0)221-934674-27

Team Assistent
Natalie Kudlek
+49 (0)221-934674-45

Team Assistent
Angela Berger
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Dr. Bernd Straßer
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