Quality management - GG-Cert

Certification body for quality systems

The certification body offers a combination of inspections relevant to building authority regulations and civil law. In this case, the certification body acts solely as a coordination point for the management of the audit appointments.

In the area of building inspection, it is possible to use in-house auditors who are qualified and certified for QM and building inspections to carry out the monitoring of the factory production control.

By cooperating with other bodies, the following combinations are for example possible with the involvement of external bodies:

  • Auditing the QS standard
  • Auditing in accordance with GMP requirements
  • Determination of HACCP compliance

In this case, the certification body is a coordination point for the joint tender preparation, planning and execution of the audit. The QM authority has no influence on the running or the contents of the processes.

The certification body offers manufacturers of mineral additives for animal feed the opportunity of certifying compliance with the requirements of a HACCP system. This can take place in combination with the certification in accordance with Scope 3 or separately.